What is Extra View?

Extra View is a way of getting more DStv channels into your home. Extra View is a set up were it allows you to set up two Extra View capable DStv decoders at a cost of a single subscription, plus an access fee of R85 per month. This allows you to view two channels at once in two different locations within your home yet paying for one account.


PFC Electronics offers you a number of Extra View packages to choose from: 


How does Extra view work?


Basically, two decoders are linked to work under a single subscrition. Each decoder is independently connected to the satelite dish and each decoder has a smart card. In the extra view installation, one decoder is designed as the "primary" decoder and the other one is designed as the "secondary". The decoders are linked by a cable that allows communication between them and the primary decoder sends a "heardbeat" to the secondary decoder via this cable. If the cable is removed or the "heardbeat" lost, the secondary decoder will lose video & audio until the cable is replaced or the "heardbeat" resumed. There is no impact to the primary decoder if the cable is disconnected.


The Extra view packages delivers an incredible full dual view viewing experience - allowing access to two different channels on two different TVs at the same time. This means, you are able to watch your favorite sport channel in the lounce, while the other members of your family are watching a different channel within the same house.



The HD PVR (2) + DSD1131 XtraView package delivers a phenomenal duel view experience with added PVR features - allowing access to two different channels on two different TV's at the same time, whilst simultaneously record one other channel!


PVR Functionality and the HD Channel are available on the primary decoder ( the HD decoder), whilst Interactive services are available in both. The HD PVR favourite Channels feature is available on the primary decoder ( the HD Decoder) , while the useful Title Search feature is availble in the other. And again you can even have different Parental Control settings for each decoder.



HDPVR + HDPVR ( watch 2 record 2)


HD PVR (2) + HD PVR (2) Xtra view package, delivers a full dual view PVR viewing experience.

You can view a different channel live, from the buffer or playback on both the primary and the secondary decoder, while concurrently recording 2 other channels at the same time. You can also acess both playlist from both the secondary and the primary decoders.


With its 300hrs recording capacity, this extra viewing package is sure to give So Much More


SDPVR + HDPVR (watch 3 record 2)


This only with the older model SDPVR



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