Singel View - Extra View - 3rd View System - Re-allocation - Fault Finding



  What is Single View Installation: Single view is when you have a singel decoder and you can only watch one channel at a time. The singnal can be split to the bedroom but then the bedroom has to watch what the lounge is watching &nb

The new DStv HD PVR (High Definition Personal Video Recorder) decoder has further revolutionised the television experience with lifelike viewing, sharper images, more vibrant colours and precision picture quality. With the high definition you can

What is Extra View? Extra View is a way of getting more DStv channels into your home. Extra View is a set up were it allows you to set up two Extra View capable DStv decoders at a cost of a single subscription, plus an access fee of R85

The Expolre offers you the following benefits: Two times more recording space up to 220 hours Three times more DStv Catch Up and BoxOffice content. DStv Catch Up includes movies and series stacking Two times more Series Recordings

What is Third View Installation: Third view is when you have three decoders and you can watch three diferent channel at the same time. Decoders can be set up as follow: Three explore's  One explore and 2 Singel view decoders
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